Reserve Ogre is the name of two Burn Cards appearing in Titanfall and Titanfall: Assault.

Titanfall Edit

First appearing in the first game of the series, Reserve Ogre is a Burn Card in Titanfall. If this card is activated before respawn, the player will spawn in an Ogre titan. If this card is activated before a battle begins or after respawn, the player can call titan at will, but the player will spawn in an Ogre titan if they die before calling it in. Its loadout will be the same as the player's selected Titan, except for the Chasis.

Titanfall: Assault Edit

The Reserve Ogre also appears as a Burn Card in Titanfall: Assault as a variant of the Ogre Titan.. It functions similarly to the Reserve Stryder and Reserve Atlas counterparts, and can be deployed quicker and cheaper than a standard Ogre.

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