This article is about the Burn Card in Titanfall: Assault, and may redirect here. For the similarly-named Burn Card in Titanfall, see Spare Stryder.

Reserve Stryder is a variant of the Stryder Titan, found in Titanfall: Assault. It is able to be deployed for a cheaper cost than the usual Stryder, making it a good option for quickly reinforcing a point against enemy infantry. The Reserve Stryder is equipped with an XOTBR-16 Chaingun. It is very good against light infantry such as, Striker, Ghost (while not in Cloak), Sniper, and Grenadier.

Strategy Edit

Reserve Stryder should always be the first Titan to appear once the initial 3 minutes of the match are up (this can be done by putting the Reserve Stryder first in the Titan card slots). It is excellent for clearing pilots out of a hardpoint and has a significant amount of health. In some to most cases it is a better replacement than an actual Stryder.