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Respawn Entertainment is an American independent video game development studio founded by Vince Zampella and Jason West in 2010. They are the developer of the Microsoft Windows and Xbox One version of Titanfall. After the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, behind-the-scenes actions took place at Activision, and after several lawsuits, Vince Zampella and Jason West were fired for reasons listed as "breach of contract", etc. Not willing to give up, they created a splinter group with many other former Activision employees, and named it Respawn Entertainment. Titanfall is Respawn Entertainment's first game.


  • Jay Frechette Community Manager
  • Alex Roycewicz Game Designer
  • Andrew Hackathorn Artist
  • Austin Arnett Artist
  • Brad Allen Artist
  • Bradley Snyder Sound Designer
  • Brent McLeod Game Designer
  • Bruce Ferriz Animator
  • Chad Barb Software Engineer
  • Chad Grenier Game Designer
  • Cheng Lor Character Technical Director
  • Chin Xiang Chong Game Designer
  • Chris “Soupy” Dionne Game Designer
  • Chris Hughes QA Manager
  • Chris Lambert Software Engineer
  • Chuck Wilson Game Designer
  • David Shaver Game Designer
  • Dom McCarthy Producer
  • Drew McCoy Senior Producer
  • Earl Hammon Software Engineer
  • Eric Mecklenburg Software Engineer
  • Erik Kraber Audio Director
  • Geoff Smith Game Designer
  • Jake Keating Game Designer
  • Jake Virginia 3D Artist
  • Jason McCord Game Designer
  • Jeremy Thurman Artist
  • Jiesang Song Software Engineer
  • Joel Conger Software Engineer
  • Joel Emslie Artist
  • Joel Gompert Software Engineer
  • Johan Persson Technical Producer
  • John Haggerty Software Engineer
  • Jon “Slothy” Shiring Software Engineer
  • Jon Davis Software Engineer
  • Jose Zavala Artist
  • Josh Dunnam Artist
  • Justin Hendry Game Designer
  • Kevin Anderson 3D Artist
  • Kristin Christopher HR/Recruiting Manager
  • Lewis Walden Artist
  • Mackey McCandlish Game Designer
  • Mario Perez Mocap Technician
  • Mark Grigsby Animator
  • Mike Altamirano Artist
  • Mohammad Alavi Game Designer
  • Paul Messerly Animator
  • Preston Glenn Game Designer
  • Rayme Vinson Software Engineer
  • Richard Baker Software Engineer
  • Robb Shoberg Artist
  • Robert “RoBoT” Gaines VFX Artist
  • Robert Taube Artist
  • Roger Abrahamsson Game Designer
  • Roni Papouban IT Manager
  • Ryan Ehrenberg VFX Artist
  • Ryan Lastimosa Artist
  • Sean Slayback Game Designer
  • Steve Fukuda Game Director
  • Steven DeRose Game Designer
  • Steven Wong Software Engineer
  • Todd Sue Artist
  • Tu Bui Artist
  • Tyler Parsons Sound Designer
  • Vince Zampella CEO
  • Will Cho Artist
  • Wonjae Kim Artist
  • Zenta Aki UI Artist

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