Shield Core is a special core ability for the Ogre Titan. When activated, the Ogre's maximum shield capacity is doubled (from 2250 to 4500) and is instantly replenished, no matter what the shield's remaining energy was before activation. While active, shield regeneration is disabled. Timing is vital to this core, as it is with the Damage Core, as activating it just before your shields dissipate can give you a massive edge in a skirmish. However, keep in mind that incoming damage will still bleed through the shield, so it won't be as effective when you are near death. It takes 2.5 seconds to engage, and lasts for 12.6 seconds, 17.892 seconds with Core Extender.  


  • In the game's code, instead of doubling the shield's capacity, all incoming damage does half damage to the shields.

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