Simulacra are digital copies of a Pilot's memories, knowledge, and personality. It is unknown precisely how Simulacra are made, but their most common application among the IMC and Frontier Militia is to preserve a Pilot whose original body has been destroyed or damaged beyond repair. The copies are downloaded into robotic bodies, allowing those Pilots to live on and continue fighting. Simulacrum Pilots first appeared in Titanfall 2.

Due to their human personalities, Simulacra will often decorate their chassis with trinkets or clothing, despite not having a practical need for them. This can be seen in the raccoon-like ponytails sported by Phase Shift Pilots or the hood and mask worn by Ash, for example.

Gameplay Edit

Simulacra known as Specialists are encountered in the Titanfall 2 campaign mission Effect and Cause, inside the ARES Division facility in the past timeline. These Simulacra behave similar to Grunts, displaying no traits like those found in Pilots, despite their Phase Shift appearance. These enemies are equipped with Mag Launchers or Mastiffs and can deploy Plasma Drones. A handful of Simulacra can be seen preparing to drop aboard the MCS James MacAllan, shortly before the Battle of Typhon. It is unknown whether these Simulacra are Miltia-aligned Specialists or Pilots.

In Multiplayer, besides the Tactical Abilities offered by their classes, the Simulacra Pilots offer no particular gameplay differences to a regular human Pilot.

Known SimulacraEdit

Media Edit

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