Slaved Warheads are a Titan Ordnance that appear in Titanfall. This Titan ordnance pod requires a lock-on before you can fire. When you fire, a barrage of 3 homing missiles will launch 4 times, towards your locked target. After pressing the fire button, looking upwards will fire the missiles upwards and then at your target, allowing the other barrages to go over some obstacles. It has been observed that the missiles will turn back toward their target if they miss their target.

Slaved Warheads take 14 seconds to recharge reduced to 11.2 seconds with Fast Autoloader.

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Slaved Warheads seen redirecting to their target after missing.

Burn CardEdit

Name: Amped Slave Warheads

Description: Replace your next Titan's Ordnance with Slaved Warheads that fires faster, fires an extra barrage, and locks faster.

Hammond industries is updating their Slaved Warheads weapon system; alpha units are already in the field.
— Spyglass

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