316px-Sonar Lock

Sonar Lock is the utility for the Tone and Tone Prime in Titanfall 2. When used, the Tone will fire a projectile from the left Acolyte Pod that will release a orange pulse on impact that reveals enemies and establishes a partial lock, in an effect similar to that of Pulse Blade. Enemies that are detected are highlighted with orange for a limited time for all friendly players to see.

Strategies Edit

  • This can be used to reveal enemies around a corner or wall, allowing you to predict their movements and have the upper hand.
  • It can be used to partially reveal cloaked pilots, as they can pose a threat if they rodeo you.
  • Since it puts a partial lock on titans, it can be used to complete a lock from around a wall or corner.
  • It reveals all enemies to your team, so it can give your team the upper hand for a time.

Trivia Edit

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