— SRS Motto

The Special Recon Squadron, or simply SRS, is the Frontier Militia's special forces branch who handle covert missions across the frontier. They're tasked to handle several missions which includes covert infiltrations, sabotage, data retrieval, and force eliminations of IMC operations.

History Edit

During Operation: Broadsword, the SRS was led by Major Anderson. They were supported by the 9th Militia Fleet and 41st Militia Rifle Battalion.

The SRS logo depicts a blue Prowler, and can be seen on BT-7274, MOB-1316, FS-1041 as well as the SERE Kit and other pieces of equipment.

Structure Edit

As a branch similar in scope to the Militia's Army or Navy equivalents, the SRS has many sub-units. One known Corps is the infamous Marauder Corps. As such, the MCOR's Riflemen report directly to the SRS' Pilots. These infantry units support SRS operation with fire support and manpower, such as that seen in the Battle of Typhon.

All Pilots in the SRS hold an officer rank such as Captain or Major, and these elevated responsibilities also confer the use of the Vanguard-class Titan.[1]

Known Members Edit

References Edit

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