A Militia Spectre drone

BRD-01 Automated Infantry "Spectres" are a type of Minion, a non-playable character in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. They are easily more powerful than Grunts, but they do not pose a threat to Pilots unless in large numbers. They are produced by Hammond Robotics and are highly upgraded and weaponized versions of MRVN Automated Assistants.


There are two basic models of Spectre belonging to both factions - the Militia model is identified by a wedge-shaped head and a black/tan color scheme while the IMC model is identified by a flat snout and a white/green color scheme. In most matches, a Spyglass unit will be aboard the IMC dropship during the beginning of a match to signal the pilots to jump whereas a MRVN will take its place on Militia Dropships. Enemy Spectres can be hacked with the Data Knife by approaching them and holding the action button which will cause that Spectre, as well as any other Spectres in a small radius around you, to fight for your side and follow you to the best of their abilities - note that while Spectres move at a slow running pace compared to pilots, they are capable of leaping vertically to almost any height.

Players can disguise themselves as a Spectre for one lifetime by using the rare Spectre Camo burn card - this completely camouflages the player as their faction's default Spectre model complete with different sound effects and a smaller display size for the player's name, however obvious use of abilities that only pilots can perform (sprinting, wall-running, wall-hanging, double-jumping etc.) will quickly betray the camouflage to observant opponents. Spectres are also slightly harder to kill since they have the same health as a Pilot which will require a player to waste slightly more ammo in killing them. The addition of the Frontier Defense game mode brought with it a few new variations of Spectre models, most receiving "upgraded firmware" which gives them the ability to perform Rodeo attacks on players (as there are no enemy Pilots in Frontier Defense). These models include the "Sniper" and "Suicide" Spectres.

The Sniper Spectre is identified by a flat black paint job with red trim, use of the Longbow-DMR Sniper & Charge Rifle for anti-Titan attacks, and also possess the ability to cloak which like the Pilots' cloaking ability is very effective against Titan optics but much less so against Pilots, especially at close range. Sniper Spectres have quite a high degree of accuracy and seem especially adept at hitting moving targets, which when combined with their cloaking ability and propensity to quickly shift their firing positions can make them a nuisance to dispatch. Suicide Spectres are easily identified by their bright glowing-orange paint job and constant running pace - they very rarely leap to cross obstacles in their path like other Spectres and take paths of least resistance in attempts to quickly surround the team's Harvester (or Pilots and Titans if they happen to be closer) and detonate themselves. They are also much more fragile, cannot rodeo attack players, cannot be hacked and tend to stick to closer-knit groups than other Spectres which makes them more easy to identify in combat and quick to dispatch with chain-reactions of explosions. It is important to remember that one or two detonating Suicide Spectres can be fatal to a careless Pilot and pose great threat to Titans when they become grouped in large numbers or manage to overwhelm a Titan with disabled shields.


Base-model Spectres are equipped with either an R-97 Compact Submachine Gun or an R-101 Compact Carbine as a primary firearm, and they use a variant of the Archer Heavy Rocket identified as a "Titanhammer." They do not aim down sights, so their accuracy is the same as hipfire accuracy and in addition they do not use the Archer's lock-on function. Base-model Spectres in the Frontier Defense game mode utilize CAR SMGs over the R-97. Sniper Spectres utilize the Longbow-DMR Sniper and Charge Rifle while Suicide Spectres possess no firearms or attacks of any kind other than self-detonation.

Health: 200



Damage When Used By Pilot

Damage When Used By Spectre

R-101C Carbine Close Range: 50

Long Range: 40

Close Range: 30

Long Range: 20

R-97 Compact SMG Close Range: 40

Long Range: 30

Close Range: 18

Long Range: 14

Archer Heavy Rocket (Against Titans)


(Against Titans)


Jump Kick 200 120

Behavior Edit

Spectres serve one purpose: to kill whoever or whatever they have been programmed to, with efficiency and speed. This programming can easily be overwritten by approaching a Spectre from behind and using your data knife when prompted by holding the action button (by default, X on Xbox and E for PC), turning the Spectre and any others in its strike team against the opposing faction (note that hacking Spectres will also gain you Attrition points). Unlike their Grunt counterparts, they don't engage in conversation of any form or help their teammates in the heat of battle but instead focus purely on eliminating the other team's infantry. Spectres have been known to single-handedly take out Grunt squads and can do high amounts of damage to Titans.

Spectres also have random animations that may play once a Pilot stumbles upon them, some of these include:

  • A Spectre killing a grunt by one of the following methods: holding the Grunt up by the neck and then choking him, slamming the Grunt to the ground, punching the Grunt in the abdominals, or tossing the Grunt backward and then firing backward without looking.
  • A Spectre holding a Grunt hostage while two other Grunts engage, it will then gun down the two grunts and snap the hostage's neck before scanning the area and moving on.
  • A Spectre with malfunctioning legs will crawl towards a Grunt, grab the Grunt's legs and get smashed by the Grunt.

Titanfall 2 Edit

In Titanfall 2, Spectres reappear alongside some new automated units such as Reapers and Stalkers. These mechanical minions are just as lethal as their previous incarnation and carry a larger variety of weapons, they are seen carrying Flatlines and Hemloks in the campaign and Volts and Mastiffs. They typically aim before firing at enemies.


  • Spectres are programmed to have a pack mentality and as such rarely mix their numbers with Grunts on the map.
  • Spyglass units are highly specialized models of Spectre only utilized by the IMC faction.
  • In the Campaign mission Made Men and its multiplayer counterpart, Corporate, Spectres from both factions appear as unmarked units of the Militia variant (according to the wedge-shaped head unit). This is most likely because they are fresh off the assembly line.
  • In the second campaign mission, The Colony, Blisk refers to IMC Spectres as "2nd-generation" automated infantry - it is unknown if there is a difference in generation between the two factions' Spectre models, but in gameplay both models of Spectre act identically and the visual difference is most likely for cosmetic and gameplay purposes.
  • Spectres having similar coding to Grunts where they would only shoot within a line of sight - for example, X player stares at Spectre Y for about a second or two before the bot starts firing. However, being equipped with the Archer Rocket can make them a serious threat in last Titan Standing.
  • Mag Launcher Grenades and Shock Rock Grenades within 2.38125 meters will guide towards Spectres.
  • A Militia grunt sent his mother the head of a Spectre for her birthday. He claimed that "She's gonna love it!"
  • Upon receiving crippling/fatal damage or killing another enemy unit, Spectres will sometimes emit quick bursts of computerized chittering and warbling sounds that could possibly be interpreted as a form of communication between AI networks or Spyglass (it is unknown what exactly maintains & governs the Spectre's AI routines), or even as interference between communicating Spectres picked up by the Pilot's gear similar to the interference created by speakers and cell phones receiving signals in close proximity.



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