Split Shot Power
Split Shots deal more damage and require less energy.
— description

Split Shot Power is an Aegis Rank upgrade for the Ion Titan, unlocked at Aegis level 2. When applied, it upgrades the power of the Splitter Rifle's alternate fire mode, which splits its projectile into three or five depending on if Refraction Lens is equipped.

Prior to Postcards From the Frontier, Ion's Rank 11 upgrade was the Split Shot Efficiency. However, this upgrade has now been folded into Split Shot Power to make room for the replacement Laser Shot Power upgrade. Alongside dealing more damage, the alternate fire mode of the Splitter Rifle will go from consuming 30 Energy-Per-Shot (EPS) to 20 EPS - or 34.5 EPS to 23 EPS if Refraction Lens is equipped.

Alternatively, this means that the Rifle will go from being able to fire 33 Split Shots (assuming no other energy-using abilities are used) to 50 Split Shots (an increase of 27), or go from being able to fire 29 Split Shots to 40 Split Shots (an increase of 17) if Refraction Lens is equipped.

Strategies Edit

  • Because of this upgrade and the nerf to the power of Laser Shot in Monarch's Reign, it is recommended to run Refraction Lens on Ion to maximise damage potential of her primary weapon. This larger spread will also allow for better damage output vs. clusters of infantry or groups of Titans, as the wider spread will be able to hit more enemies at once. This strategy can melt through even Sword Blocking Ronins or Nuke Titans.