Spyglass is a physical manifestation for the IMC's vast computational network identity. He serves as a supporting character in the IMC campaign in Titanfall and handles Titan deployment for the IMC forces.


Spyglass units handle logistics, navigation, deployment, and communication between all IMC forces on the Frontier. They are built on a modified Spectre chassis and are considered expendable in the field. These units often accompany ground forces aboard dropships to provide up-to-date mission information and live surveillance.

Spyglass provides tactical information to Pilots during mission briefings, and informs them of mission progress and the status of their Titans during combat.

During the events of the Campaign, Spyglass informs the IMC Pilots of their goals for The Refueling Raid, The Colony, The Odyssey, Get Barker, Assault on the Sentinel, Here Be Dragons, and The Three Towers. In addition, during Assault on the Sentinel, Spyglass keeps track of the status of the IMS Sentinel, thus demonstrating that the responsibilities delegated to Spyglass extend to the management of the entire fleet.

Spyglass' role is heightened during The Battle of Demeter, where he takes over the tasks of mission status, troop deployment, and Hardpoint control from Blisk who is deployed to the surface to engage James MacAllan and prevent the former IMC officer from destroying the facility at Demeter by overloading the main reactor. Upon failure of that objective, Marcus Graves orders Blisk to return to the fleet, and upon the imminent loss of Demeter entirely, orders Goblin Dropships to evacuate the forces on the surface. Spyglass overrides Graves' orders by canceling the evacuation ships and making the IMC fleet jump away from Demeter, to Graves' horror at leaving the pilots to die. Logically speaking, Spyglass performed the correct action by sacrificing the ground forces to preserve the fleet, however being an artificial intelligence, Spyglass had no moral sense. The abandoning of the ground forces was what pushed Graves to leave the IMC, because Spyglass' actions clashed with Graves' moral beliefs. After Graves defected, Spyglass became the Vice Admiral of the IMC forces in the Frontier, being in command for the Militia's attack on the Spectre production facility during the events of Made Men.


  • Spyglass was voiced by Lex Lang [1]
  • During the IMC campaign and IMC missions, Spyglass will accompany pilots on their Dropships and will be the one to direct them to exit the ship instead of a typical MRVN.

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