Urban environment combat simulation.
— Description

Stacks is a map in Titanfall 2, designed specifically for Live Fire. The map has since been added to the Nitro CTF playlist.


The map is set amongst many blocks of shipping containers and construction platforms, all contained within one large room. It features the typical three lane design of most maps in Titanfall 2, and is very enclosed with many flat surfaces that lend themselves well to high mobility combat and fast flag capture routes.


At both ends of the map there are more open areas with a fair covering of containers and buildings.

The central area (Where the flag is located in the Live Fire variant) is attached to the two side routes by short passages and includes an array of containers, at the centre of which is the flag.

One side passage narrows into a hallway, while the other simply undulates, providing cover and a position from which to stage ambushes.

Gallery Edit

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