The name says it all, but just to be clear, they explode. They move much faster than regular Spectres, but they are also very easy to kill. They hunt in packs and get especially aggressive towards Titans.
The Suicide Spectre is a variant of the BRD-01 Spectre Automated Infantry employed by the IMC. They are a kind of Minion exclusive to the Frontier Defense game mode. They have been succeeded in function by the Tick and Stalker.

Suicide Spectres appear as a Burn Card in Titanfall: Assault, renamed as the Blast Spectres.

Overview Edit

They are easily identified by their bright glowing-orange paint job and constant running pace - they very rarely leap to cross obstacles in their path like other Spectres and take paths of least resistance in attempts to quickly surround the team's Harvester (or Pilots and Titans if they happen to be closer) and detonate themselves. They are also much more fragile, cannot rodeo attack players, cannot be hacked and tend to stick to closer-knit groups than other Spectres which makes them more easy to identify in combat and quick to dispatch with chain-reactions of explosions. It is important to remember that one or two detonating Suicide Spectres can be fatal to a careless Pilot and pose great threat to Titans when they become grouped in large numbers or manage to overwhelm a Titan with disabled shields.