Lethal, single shot thermite projectiles that set ablaze anything within range.
— Description

The T-203 Thermite Launcher is a Titan single-shot thermite grenade launcher that appears in Titanfall 2.[1]



The T-203 Thermite Launcher is a single-shot launcher used by Titans that fires lethal thermite projectiles that set ablaze anything within its range. It is the primary weapon used by the Titan class Scorch.

As of Live Fire, the weapon now displays an arc (Similar to that of the R-6P Softball or Ordnance Expert) to help users predict the angle the projectile will arc at for better shot placement.

The Scorch Titan Kit, Wildfire Launcher, can be used to increase the amount of thermite released from the projectiles.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon appears to be manufactured by Vinson Dynamics.
  • The Thermite Launcher is not entirely fiction - a similar weapon was developed in real life by YouTuber Colin Furze (Link)

Gallery Edit


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