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Kit defensive core
This kit makes your Titan' Tactical Ability recharge faster. The Tactical Abilities are Vortex Shield, Electric Smoke, and Particle Wall.
— In-game description.

Tactical Reactor is a Tier 1 Titan Kit that appears in Titanfall. It increases your Titan's Tactical Ability recharge rate for Particle Wall and Electric Smoke by 25%, or decreases recharge time by 20%. It reduces the delay before the Vortex Shield starts to recharge by 25%, but increases the charge time by 1 second.

Seconds Recharge Time Cooldown
Default Tactical Reactor Default Tactical Reactor
Time Delay Time Delay
Vortex Shield 6 7 3 6 2.25 4.5
Electric Smoke 22.22 17.77
Particle Wall 16.66 13.33

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