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Captain Tai Lastimosa[1] is a character in Titanfall 2. Hailing from the Frontier planet Harmony, he was linked to Vanguard-Class Titan BT-7274 for 973 days before transferring control to Rifleman Jack Cooper, whom he mentored. He is likely the namesake of the Lastimosa Armory.


Lastimosa was a member of the highly regarded SRS force within the militia. He saw potential in Rifleman Jack Cooper to be a pilot, and took it upon himself to mentor him. Aboard the vessel MCS James MacAllan, Lastimosa trained Cooper in a simpod on how to use a Pilot's kit. However, the training was interrupted as the vessel came under attack over the planet Typhon. The crew evacuated to the surface, where Lastimosa saved Cooper from Apex Predator Titans. However, he was badly injured by Kuben Blisk's Titan. Lastimosa transferred control of BT to Cooper before dying of his injuries.

Trivia Edit

It it likely that he is named after Fordo Lastimosa, an actual employee of Respawn Games.


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