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Termination, often referred to as execution (not to be mixed with the Pilot melee move, Execution), is a special Titan melee attack in Titanfall. 200 Experience Points is awarded upon performing this on a piloted titan. It can be performed on doomed hostile Titans by meleeing from within 6.6675 meters and from an angle of 45 degrees in front of the titan. All terminations play a specific animation exclusive to each Titan chassis if the doomed titan is manned, if performed on an Auto-Titan, the animation will simply show your titan punching into the Titan, and then the Titan explodes.

Chassis type Animation description Challenge
Atlas Punches the enemy Titan in the chest, then rips out and throws away the hostile pilot. Executioner
Stryder Punches the enemy Titan in the chest, then rips out and squishes the hostile Pilot. Fresh Squeezed
Ogre Grabs the enemy's fist and then proceeds to kick the latter to rip the right arm off and then follows this up by ripping the left off before bashing in the doomed Titan's head with its now ripped-off left arm. Disarmed

Titanfall 2 Edit

Executions work in basically the same way in Titanfall 2. However, they are now conducted from a third-person standpoint, rather than the first-person view of the originals. The execution(no pun intended) is also greatly simplified: simply performing a melee attack on an enemy Titan that's in the Doomed state will trigger a Termnation.

Titan Execution Name Standard execution description Prime Execution Name Prime execution description
Disarm Rips the arm off the titan after its attempt to punch him. Ion smashes the opposing titan with its severed arm, causing it to kneel, then Ion thrusts its splinter rifle into the pilot cockpit and shoots Death Stare Laser shots the

titan, knocks it to the ground, and fires the Laser Core into the open cockpit(vaporizing the pilot).

Incineration Punches the titan, kicks it and then burns the cockpit with its Flame Shield. Unleashed Fury Punches the titan twice, knocking it to the ground before finishing it with the Flame Core.
Sweep the Leg Trips the titan, and jumps high in the air, and lowers back down, inserting its gun in the cockpit, then firing a shot Bird of Prey Jumps onto the titan, rips its arms off, and then flight cores it for a few rounds, then lands on it, shattering it.
Cutting Steel Slashes the titan twice with its sword, and then impales the cockpit with it Thunder and Lightning Ronin kicks the enemy Titan, electrifies his sword then slashes several times before finishing with an Arc Wave.
Gooser Jumps onto the titan, pulls the pilot out and throws it, then shooting it out of the air. Target Acquired Tone shoots the Titan with her 40mm Cannon, sticks it into the cockpit and shoots again, before using that to flip the Titan over and finishes it off with a final 40mm round and a Rocket Salvo.
Predator and Prey Lifts the titan into the air with its predator cannon and fires away until it blows out the other side, impaling the titan on the gun. Overpower Smashes the titan once on each side, then Power Shots it point-blank.
Checkmate Rips the enemy pilot out of the cockpit and squishes the pilot, then finishes the titan off with a massive kick. If there's no pilot, the Titan will look at its empty hand in confusion for a moment before kicking the enemy titan down. Energy Thief Kit Description
Energy Thief Not to be confused with the Monarch Kit, which enables this execution to be used) Monarch pulls open the enemy Titan's cockpit and her Pilot disembarks. Monarch's Pilot kicks the escaping enemy Pilot back into the cockpit before climbing on top of the enemy Titan. Monarch slaps the enemy Titan's hatch down on the enemy Pilot as he tries to get out, killing the Pilot from the impact. Monarch's Pilot pulls a Battery out of the enemy Titan before jumping back into Monarchs still-open cockpit, installing the Battery.

In addition, several of the Apex Predator boss fights in the campaign have unique execution animations that can be perfomed by BT-7274.

Character Execution
BT rips Ash out of her Titan, crushes her in his fist, and kicks the Titan over. This was later used for the "Checkmate" Termination for the Monarch Titan, and may be used by friendly Vanguard Titans in Trial By Fire.
BT flips Richter's Titan on its back, then Salvo Cores him at point blank range.
BT unleashes all of his missiles and XO16A2 Chaingun into Slone's Titan.



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