"The Battle of Demeter" is the eighth campaign mission of Titanfall. It takes place on Hardpoint Domination on Demeter.

The battle takes place between the IMC and Frontier Militia, as the Militia attempt to overload the facilities Reactor Cores by shutting down the heat venting systems of the Fusion Reactors.

The IMC pilots arrived at the battle via Orbital Drop Pod instead of via Dropship, possibly due to the chaotic battle occurring in-atmosphere. 

The Militia pilots attempted a dropship insertion, but are shot down by Anti-Air cannons guarding the facilities, resulting in massive casualties. Despite that, some Militia pilots were able to continue the battle after being rallied by MacAllan in his Titan.

The Militia and IMC forces fight over control of the Hardpoints in an attempt to detonate or shut down the core respectively, neither being entirely successful despite the outcome of the mission. 

Regardless of the outcome of the battle:

1. (Militia only) Sarah and Bish grows concerned over the slow state of progress with the reactors. Bish suggested that the only way to overload the reactor cores for sure is to overload manually at the reactor core chamber, but added that "there isn't a Titan in the world that can protect you from that kind of radiation".

2. MacAllan reached the core; Blisk arrived shortly after and was about to shoot MacAllan, but Graves ordered him to engage in hand-to-hand combat due to proximity to reactor core.

3. MacAllan eventually breached the reactor chamber to manually disable the reactor's heat regulation systems, resulting in the reactor reaching an unstable super-criticality.

4. MacAllan made one final plea to Graves to quit IMC and lead the Militia, knowing that in the aftermath of the first Titan War, Graves desired change within the IMC that he knew would be impossible; this hints that fifteen years before the battle, Graves intentionally turned a blind eye so MacAllan could escape with the Odyssey.

As the Reactors overloaded, Spyglass and MacAllan overrode the IMC's and the Militia's respective commands to send evacuation ships to retrieve the pilots while simultaneously ordering their respective fleets to jump to safety, resulting in the pilots' deaths as the reactor detonates.

Notably, Spyglass's actions resulted in the entire fleet jumping into the Frontier prior to the detonation at Demeter. This jump meant that the entire IMC Fleet became stranded at the Frontier with no way of returning to Demeter until backup arrives. Seeing as there was eventually a subsequent battle at a Hammond Robotics Spectre facility, it could be safely assumed that the Militia Fleet did the same.

This event results in Vice Admiral Graves' defection from the IMC and the subsequent instatement of Spyglass as the Fleet's Vice Admiral.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Interstellar Manufacturing CorporationEdit

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