A battle between IMC and Militia forces at a remote colony forces a reclusive war hero out of hiding.
— In-game summary

"The Colony" is the second campaign mission of TitanfallIt takes place on Colony with Attrition.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Interstellar Manufacturing CorporationEdit

Pre-Mission Briefing Edit

IMC Edit

Marcus Graves: All personnel, this is Vice Admiral Graves. As you know, the Militia fleet remains operational in the wake of the refueling raid in the Yuma System, and we have deployed probes to a number of sectors. Spyglass will brief you on the results of the search.
Spyglass: Pilots, I have scanned all possible destinations within jump range of the Yuma System. Life forms have been detected in Sector Bravo-217, previously believed to be uninhabited. The Militia forces we seek may be hiding there, recommend an advance team lead by Sergeant Blisk to investigate with a suitable complement of supporting units.
Marcus Graves: Very well, so-ordered. All Pilots - gear up and stand by for deployment. Sergeant Blisk has command on the ground, good luck. Graves out.

Militia Edit

Bish: Listen up, crew. The good news is; we're still alive. The majority of our fleet survived the raid with enough fuel to run for another month. According to the tactical computers, the operation was a success - but we cannot continue to trade human lives for fuel. If anything, we need to recruit more people to our cause wherever we can find them. Sarah.
Sarah: Two hours ago, we recieved this on the distress channel;
Unnamed Colonist: (Static)- we're a small colony, what the hell are these things? We need help. Mac, send the distress beacon now! Are they getting through the door? They're getting through the door! (screaming)
Sarah: The origin of the signal is from a sector that isn't populated. It's not on any chart - there is a chance it could be an IMC trap. That's why we're sending you to check it out first. But if these guys are homesteaders and we help them out, they might join our cause. Good luck, Pilots. Signing off.


After the Militia fleet escapes into outlying systems, the IMC sends probes to search for them. They find a colony on Troy, a world previously thought to be uninhabited. Assuming that the Militia 1st Fleet fled to this world, an advance team is sent commanded by Blisk and a number of prototype Spectre troops, who attack the civilians found there. The colony sends a distress signal which is received by the Militia. The IMC and the Militia clash in the burned out colony.

During the battle both sides receive a second message from James MacAllan who is angry at both sides for disturbing the reclusive colony. Choosing to throw in with the Militia, he reveals that most of the surviving colonists have evacuated to the ruins of the Odyssey, the former IMC flagship.

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