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A battle between IMC and Militia forces at a remote colony forces a reclusive war hero out of hiding.
— In-game summary

"The Colony" is the second campaign mission of TitanfallIt takes place on Colony with Attrition.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Interstellar Manufacturing CorporationEdit


After the Militia fleet escapes into outlying systems, the IMC sends probes to search for them. They find a colony on a previously uncharted world and assume that the Militia is present. An advance team is sent, commanded by Blisk and a number of prototype Spectre troops. The colony sends a distress signal which is recieved by the Militia. The IMC and the Militia clash in the burned out colony.

During the battle both sides recieve a second message from James MacAllan who is angry at both sides for disturbing the reclusive colony. He reveals that most of the surviving colonists have evacuated to the ruins of the Odyssey, his former flagship.

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