While the Militia seek MacAllan's expertise as a former IMC officer, the IMC deploy forces to prevent his escape.
— In-game summary

"The Odyssey" is the third campaign mission of Titanfall. It takes place on Relic with Attrition.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Interstellar Manufacturing CorporationEdit

Pre-Mission Briefing Edit

IMC Edit

Marcus Graves: All personnel, this is Vice Admiral Graves. Our pursuit of the 1st Militia Fleet has produced surprising results - we have flushed the mutineer MacAllan from hiding. MacAllan is now the IMC's most wanted target in this sector. Blisk.
Blisk: MacAllan is a notoriously dangerous tactician. If he falls in with the terrorists, then they will gain a considerable advantage. We've picked up transmissions that suggest they will attempt to extract him from the northern plateau, near the wreckage of the IMS Odyssey; the very ship MacAllan stole from us.
Marcus Graves: All Pilots. Your objective is to eliminate all Militia forces, and secure the site. Under cover of your fire, Blisk's capture team will attempt to locate MacAllan and take him into custody. Good luck, Graves out.

Militia Edit

Bish: Listen up crew, we don't have much time. The surviving colonists have fallen back to the cliffs overlooking the colony. They're hiding in some hills around a large shipwreck. Sarah's gonna fill you in on the details.
Sarah: Our dropships are standing by to rescue the surviving colonists. Titan Pilots, your objective is to hold off the IMC at the shipwreck until we've recovered the colonists and their leader; James MacAllan. His last detail was first mate of the IMS Odyssey, so that's where we're headed.
Bish: MacAllan's an ex-IMC officer, used to be one of their best Pilots and tacticians. He's agreed to help us fight the IMC if we get his people out safely - so let's get it done, people. Lock and load.


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James MacAllan has agreed to help the Militia in the fight against the IMC. His first suggestion is for the Militia to go to the wreck of the IMS Odyssey and find the data core. This data includes the plans for the IMC stronghold on Demeter. The IMC attempts to stop the Militia from salvaging data and equipment from The Odyssey.