Desperately low on fuel, the 1st Militia Fleet prepares to raid an IMC gas mining world.
— In-game summary
"The Refueling Raid" is the first campaign mission of Titanfall. It takes place on Fracture with Hardpoint Domination. It depicts the Fracture Operation, as conducted by the Marauder Corps.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Interstellar Manufacturing CorporationEdit

Pre-Mission Briefing Edit

IMC Edit

Marcus Graves: All personnel, this is Vice Admiral Graves. We have a rare opportunity to destroy an entire Militia fleet. We know these terrorists are almost out of fuel but desperation will make them unpredictable. Do not underestimate them. They can't run far, and they will most likely hit a refueling facility within the next few hours. Spyglass will fill you in.
Spyglass: Titan Pilots. You will be assigned to dropships at all potential targets in the Yuma System, a heavy patrol rotation will be maintained at all sites. At the first sign of Militia forces, you will deploy to the ground and ensure that the air defense turrets remain online.
Marcus Graves: You are cleared weapons-free for this operation. Stay vigilant. Graves out.

Militia Edit

Bish: Crew, this is Bish. At 0800 today, General Anderson succumbed to wounds sustained during battle. We're out of jump range of every other fleet in this sector. In short, we are on our own, as we have always been. Every ship in this fleet is down to less than two hours of fuel, our options are limited; either we get the fuel we need, or we die out here. Sarah, tactical report.
Sarah: All the viable fuel sources within range are heavily fortified and under IMC control. We've selected a remote target in the Yuma System which gives us the most time to conduct the raid. Titan Pilots, you will keep the anti-air defenses offline while the fleet refuels overhead.
Bish: Let's make this count, people. We'll have the element of surprise, but not for long. Good luck, signing off.


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The 1st Militia Fleet, desparately low on fuel and on the run from the IMC, prepares to raid an IMC gas mining world. Years of aggressive fuel extraction have taken their toll on this former colony for the privileged. Now on the edge of defeat, the Militia forces must find a way to fight on, despite the loss of their commanding officer, General Anderson, in an earlier battle. Meanwhile, unsure as to the exact time and place of the impending Militia refuelling raid, IMC forces make defense preparations at several gas mining worlds in the Yuma System.[1]

The Militia's Captain Dunham leads his squad to obtain fuel from three stations, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, and the IMC's Captain Riggs tries to simultaneously defend the stations to prevent the Militia from getting fuel.

1st Militia Fleet

The mission begins with IMC Pilots dropping in on a fuel depot in anticipation of a Militia raid. As Sergeant Blisk watches the heavy defense turrets activate, Militia ships jump over the fuel depot and start attacking. The pilots deploy and are tasked with activating the turrets to fire at the Redeye. Meanwhile, two Crows containing M-COR Pilots jump in over the IMC facility. The ships come under heavy fire from the base's turrets and are forced to stop over the staging area for the Militia's forces. Sarah and Bish explain the plan to hack into the fuel pumps and refuel the Redeye to the pilots before they are deployed onto the battlefield.

During the battle, IMC troops fight to control three hardpoints that allow them to deactivate the fuel pumps and co-ordinate the AA guns. The Militia utilise the hardpoints to reroute the power from the turret system to a central fuel pump to fuel the Redeye.

If the IMC is able to repel the Militia attackers, the Redeye crashes to the ground and the fleet gains the bare minimum amount of fuel they need. Blisk shows disappointment in the IMC's fleet for only destroying fifty-two ships, less than half the fleet's total number, only for Graves to wonder how many of those ships were civilian vessels rather than combatants. Blisk counters that killing civilians prevents them from joining or supporting the Militia. If the IMC lose the battle, the Redeye escapes with the rest of the fleet and Militia forces start beating back the IMC. The pilots are forced to retreat and leave the Grunts behind, and Blisk shows annoyance with the effectiveness of the pilots

If the Militia are successful at refueling the Redeye, it escapes the battleground with enough fuel to last it a month. Before leaving, it sends down reinforcements to push back the remaining IMC forces and allow other ships to come in and refuel. Bish will comment on the effort displayed by the forces on the ground and how well they did, however Sarah will mention that the Militia's tactics are a mess and with out a better commander they won't last long. If the Militia are unsuccessful in their raid, the Redeye will try to escape with what fuel it has but is destroyed along with the fuel on board. Without reinforcements, the pilots are forced to evacuate and leave the remaining ground forces behind. Bringing only a small amount of fuel back with them, Sarah and Bish argue if the raid was worth the lives lost and discuss if they will last much longer.

Outcome Edit

If the Militia faction wins the match the Redeye will survive and the MCOR fleet will escape with a substantial amount of fuel. If the IMC win then the Redeye will be destroyed and only a bare minimum amount of fuel will be taken. The Frontier Militia will take heavy casualties regardless of the outcome and escape to Sector Bravo-217.

Trivia Edit

  • Jack Cooper served as a rifleman during this battle, suffering a minor injury which led to a minor case of amnesia.

References Edit

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