"The Three Towers" is the seventh campaign mission of Titanfall. It takes place on Attrition on Airbase.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Interstellar Manufacturing CorporationEdit

Pre-Mission Briefing Edit

IMC Edit

Graves: Attention on deck, this is Vice Admiral Graves. The entire Militia fleet is holding at a rally point beyond attack distance from the Demeter gateway. They are still vastly outnumbered by the dedicated reserve fleet stationed at the airbase on the fourth moon. I believe this airbase will be their next target. Sergeant Blisk.
Blisk: The Militia First Fleet didn't make the trek to The Boneyard for a safari. They were trying to find a way to take down the Dog-Whistle Towers; the airbase depends on these to keep the creatures out. Now despite the losses they have took, we have to assume they found a way to take down the towers. If they did, that's just the domino they'll need.
Graves: Sergeant Blisk will co-ordinate a protective force on the ground, assigned explicitly to the towers. All Pilots, you will engage any Militia infantry you encounter at the airbase - no one gets through. Graves out.

Militia Edit

MacAllan: Crew, this is MacAllan. Good news - we got what we needed off that tower. Only one thing remains between us and Demeter - the greatest concentration of IMC power on the Frontier. If any attack on Demeter is to have a chance of success, this airbase must be destroyed. Bish has the details.
Bish: The airbase is defended from local wildlife by three towers like the one we saw in our last mission. Using the data from that mission, I've built a device that will take down the towers. I call it "The Icepick". Because every ship in our fleet will be needed at Demeter, a full-scale aerial assault is not an option. But if we take out the towers, the wildlife will finish the job.
Sarah: Covert ops will handle the towers. Pilots, I'm asking you to guard our backs - our fleet at Demeter is counting on us to come through. Get to your dropships and ready up. Good luck.

Plot Edit

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IMC reinforcements are about the lift off and crush the Militia fleet approaching Demeter. To even the odds, Sarah leads a surgical attack on the airbase, armed with Bish's new tower-toppling invention, the 'Icepick'. As the battle comes to an end, MacAllan hails Vice Admiral Graves directly on comms, and questions his old friend's efforts to change the IMC from within, but the Vice Admiral dismisses MacAllan's remarks and terminates the connection.[1]

IMC players start the match with a brief holo-briefing from Graves, before being let loose, while Miltia Crows drop off Sarah to infiltrate the base, before letting their charge of Pilots loose themselves. Barker, suffering from an extreme hangover, serves to co-ordinate Militia intel and Titan production for the assault party.

The two factions collide while Sarah enters the tunnels below the base to find a weak point on the towers, eventually managing to take down the North Tower. Blisk sends his reactionary force to set up an ambush by the East Tower, eventually managing to shoot her in the arm, wounding (but not killing) her. Despite this, the eastern tower is succesfully brought down.

To ward off the IMC reinforcements converging on her position, Sarah is directed by Bish to instead retreat onto Airfield 24 to find a fighter control console. Hacking the console with the Data Knife, Bish is then able to remotely control the IMC's Phantom and Goblin fighters and dropships, using them to bring down the third and final tower.

As Leviathans and Flyers begin to wreak havoc on the base, Militia forces regroup with the main Militia fleet for the assault on Demeter and IMS Solaris, along with 30% of the IMC fleet at the base, departs to assist in the planet's defense. According to Spyglass, the base will fall within seven hours, even in an IMC victory.

References Edit

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