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 The Time Gauntlet is a wrist mounted device discovered or created by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and recovered by the Frontier Militia in Operation: Grizzly.  

Operation Edit

When used, the Gauntlet allows the user to travel between two timestreams; the present and the past. When transitioning the two timestreams, the stream being "exited" is effectively paused and the stream being "entered" is resumed. Additionally, objects transitioning between timestreams retain their geographic position in relation to the planet they are on (despite the movement of celestial bodies in their orbits), momentum and velocity. This results in users of the Gauntlet being able to, for example, sprint and jump off a ledge in one timestream and then land on a platform that was previously nonexistent in the other timeframe.

It is unknown how the two timestreams to be travelled through are set, as the only known examples are a present-tense timeline and one just prior to the test-firing of the Fold Weapon prototype by ARES Division.

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It is likely that the Gauntlet's construction and/ or method of operation is in some way related to that of the Fold Weapon and the Ark; when the Fold Weapon was initially fired, the Gauntlet appeared to "overload", pausing the timeline for a few minutes. The Gauntlet was then rendered inoperable. When activated, the Gauntlet appears capable of transporting objects near the operator, as humans can travel with their clothing and equipment fully intact and are even capable of transport through time while inside Titans and presumably other vehicles. This effect was observed by Jack Cooper and BT-7274.

It is possible that the Gauntlet is only capable of operating in areas of high "Temporal Activity" caused by the compression of spacetime in areas such as those near a charging Fold Weapon.

The shoddy, "homebrew" appearance of the Time Gauntlet additionally suggests it was created by IMC scientists based on reverse-engineered technology, as opposed to being a direct creation or recovered artifact.

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History Edit

The Gauntlet, or the technology to create the Gauntlet, was created/ discovered by the Archaeological Research Division some time before the events of Titanfall 2. Eventually, the Militia operation known as Operation: Grizzly was conducted by Pilots of the Special Recon Squadron, resulting in recovery of the Gauntlet.

In Operation: Broadsword, the Gauntlet was given to Eli Anderson by SRS Commander Sarah Briggs, for use in Special Operation 217. Upon landing on Typhon, Militia infantry forces were initially supposed to meet up with Anderson to investigate the Fold Weapon test site. However, Anderson instead used the Gauntlet to travel through the facility, recording his findings in a journal. Eventually, he would be engaged by an IMC soldier, activating the Gauntlet just as he fell off a balcony; upon reappearing in the present timeline, his mutilated body would end up stuck halfway through a floor, instantly killing him.

Eventually, the Gauntlet would be recovered by Pilot Jack Cooper from Anderson's corpse. He would then use it to run through the Complex, wiping out IMC Marines in the past and Prowlers in the present with ease - to the utter bewilderment of both parties. Linking back up with BT, he would then engage IMC security and fauna in both timelines, before attempting a last-ditch effort to disrupt the test-firing of the Fold Weapon. On the weapon's firing, the timelines paused for a moment and the Gauntlet was destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gauntlet's similar method of operation to Phase Shift technology suggests the two have a shared heritage.
  • The Gauntlet has an easter egg animation that has a 1:2000 chance of happening when activated.

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