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Titan and Pilot

Titans are mech-style robots designed for both civilian and military applications. They serve as an important element in the universe of Titanfall.

Uses Edit

Titans are used for a variety of tasks throughout the Titanfall Universe, such as agriculture, logistics and warfare. Hammond Robotics are the primary manufacturers, although the Militia have been able to produce their own; the Vanguard.

Pilots Edit

It requires extensive training to effectively operate a Titan, especially in combat. Military Pilots are generally assessed via VR pod before they become a certified pilot, but how (or whether) civillian pilots are assessed is unknown.

Pilots are also known to become very attached to their Titans, for instance, Jack Cooper and BT-7274, as they both rely upon each other to fight and survive effectively.




The Atlas was the first Titan frame to be developed, and is the first Titan with which a player starts. Somewhat of a "middle ground" between the heavily-armored Ogre and the lightly-armored Stryder, the Atlas had a balance of armor and mobility which makes it a popular choice among Pilots. It can store two Dashes, and its unique Core ability is the Damage Core, which increases the damage dealt by its weapons by 1.4x for a brief period.


The Ogre is a Titan model developed to have high endurance, which means it has significantly stronger shielding and armor than other frames, at a cost to mobility and decreased Dash capability. Its Core ability is the Shield Core, which increases the Ogre's shield capacity and instantly restores it: its shield is effectively doubled in strength for the period it's self.


The Stryder was the third Titan model engineered, and has greater speed and acceleration than other Titan frames. Its shielding and armor is, however, decreased greatly, putting Pilots of Stryders at greater risk during an encounter with enemy Titans of other frames. It can store three Dashes, and these charge more quickly than other Titans': when the Dash Core is active, the Titan has unlimited Dash capacity.

Titanfall 2Edit


Titanfall 2 chassis type. Seen in the singleplayer trailer equipped with the 40mm Tracker cannon and Salvo Core core ability - capable of equipping a variety of weapons & abilities in the full game. Primary titan for use in single player campaign as BT-7274. [1] Captain Lastimosa states during the game's training mission that the Vanguard-class chassis is the first one designed by Militia forces, and not stolen from IMC designs. Unavailable in multiplayer.


Titanfall 2 chassis type. Loadout based around energy weaponry. Equipped with Splitter Rifle, Laser shot, Tripwire, Vortex Shield and Laser core. Variant of the Atlas chassis.[2]


Titanfall 2 chassis type. Loadout based around lock-on attacks. Equipped with Tracker Rockets, Sonar Lock and Salvo Core. Rockets can be guided mid-flight. the core is also effective if locked on to a target, as it will pursue them.[3] Variant of the Atlas chassis.


Titanfall 2 chassis type. The titan that replaces the Ogre. Loadout based around incendiary weaponry. Equipped with T-203 Thermite Launcher, Firewall, Incendiary trap, Heat shield and Flame core. Variant of the Ogre chassis.


Titanfall 2 chassis type. Loadout focuses on defense and control. Equipped with Predator Cannon, Protect shield, and Smart Core. Variant of the Ogre chassis.


Titanfall 2 chassis type. Loadout based around close range weaponry and stealth. Equipped with Leadwall Shotgun, Arc wave, Phase dash, Sword block and Sword core. Variant of the Stryder chassis.


Titanfall 2 chassis type. Loadout based on setting traps and precision attacks. Equipped with Cluster missiles, Flight core and Vertical thrusters for takeoffs. A variation of the Northstar called the Brute who only appears in the single player campaign, they are equipped with Quad Rocket and appear multiple times as a mini-boss. Variant of the Stryder chassis.


Main article: Titan Strategy


  • In Titanfall 1, it was often speculated that a form of motion-capture was used to physically control and pilot Titans. Titanfall 2 shows and describes the primary method of piloting a Titan as through a "neural link" created between Titan and Pilot, though the exact nature of this link is unclear. Instrumentation akin to that seen in modern-day jet fighters & battle tanks can still be seen inside a Titan's 'cockpit'.
  • Occasionally during a titanfall in Titanfall 1, the animation of the Titan burning as it enters the atmosphere will glitch and remain after landing. Afterwards, the titan will appear as a giant walking blowtorch. The flames engulfing the titan is only an animation glitch and will not actually harm any pilots during rodeo attacks or allied titan rides. This is more common in Frontier Defense, probably because of the number of Titans dropped during a single battle.
  • According to Grunt chatter, piloting a Titan can irradiate the pilot over time. This radiation is never spoken about again, however, and is mentioned to be a rather small amount.

Gallery Edit



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