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Titan and Pilot


Towering over the battlefield, Titans are the advanced battle mechs that are featured as a unique gameplay factor in Respawn Entertainment`s Titanfall. Titans were designed and manufactured by Hammond Robotics.  However, it is implied that the Militia is also capable of manufacturing them. The Militia attacked while the Stryder titan was being tested and this presumably led to the Militia being able to deploy them.

At the beginning of each match, a countdown displays the time remaining for the titan to be built and prepared for titanfall. The two-minute wait time can be reduced by racking up kills. Once the titan is ready, players can call it in at a place where there are no overhead obstructions. The Titan will then be dropped on the designated area. There are three ways to enter a titan: from the front, from behind, and from above. Depending on the players position, when pressing the button prompt to embark, the pilot will either be picked up by the titan and placed in the safety of the cockpit, or enter the titan through a hatch. The cockpit is fully sealed and armored, so pilots see the outside world through a segmented display (most likely the outer contours of the cockpit). Players can exit or eject from the Titan at anytime. Titans also are presided over by an AI when the pilot is absent from the cockpit, and can be set to either follow or guard, engaging enemy targets automatically. Titans appear to utilize some kind of motion-tracking technology, mimicking the actions of the pilot inside. Titans are highly versatile, able to wield a multitude of weaponry; and mobile, possessing the ability to dash, sprint and sidestep.

Titans are capable of melee attacking without the use of a special weapon (unlike many other mech games), and can rip the pilot out of doomed titans. After taking enough damage, the Titan will be destroyed, but not before the pilot reaches down and pulls a lever, initiating an ejection similar to that of a modern jet fighter, with it launching the pilot a story in the air, which is no problem due to the jump kits the pilots are equipped with.  A perk may be set that causes the titan to blow up with a small nuclear explosion upon ejecting with the goal of taking down enemy titans and pilots with the final act.  Players will then have to wait another couple of minutes before calling another one. Titans are much bulkier and are a bigger target than the agile human yet they cause more damage.

Chassis TypesEdit

Currently there are three confirmed Titan models: The Atlas, the Ogre and the Stryder.


See the Strategy page.




  • Titans may be inspired by "Landmate" mechs found in the works of Masamune Shirow, which served a similar function as mobile humanoid mecha capable of carrying artillery.
  • Another possible inspiration may come from the "Knightmare Frames" from Code Geass. Both mechas share similar sizes and the ejection cockpit function.

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