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Titan and Pilot

Titans are the advanced battle mechs that are featured as a unique gameplay factor in Titanfall. Titans were designed and manufactured by Hammond Robotics. However, it is implied that the Militia is also capable of manufacturing them. The Militia attacked while the Stryder Titan was being tested and this presumably led to them being able to deploy the Stryder.



At the beginning of each match, a countdown displays the time remaining for the Titan to be built and prepared for Titanfall. The wait time can be reduced by racking up kills or damaging titans. Alternatively, a Burn Card can be used to reduce the countdown time or simply instantly call in a Titan. Once the Titan is ready, players can call it in at a place where there are no overhead obstructions. The Titan will then be dropped on the designated area. A Dome Shield will surround the dropped Titan for a few seconds.


Pilots can enter a Titan from the front, from behind, and from above. Depending on the pilot's position, when pressing the button to enter, the pilot will either be picked up by the Titan and placed in the safety of the cockpit or enter the Titan through a hatch. Pilots see the outside world through a segmented display and can exit or eject from the Titan at any time. When the pilot is absent from the cockpit, Titans are presided over by an AI and can be set to either follow the pilot or guard a position, engaging enemy targets automatically. Titans are able to wield a multitude of weaponry and possess the ability to dash, sprint, and sidestep. Titans are also capable of melee attacking without the use of a special weapon and can rip the pilot out of doomed Titans. After taking enough damage, the Titan will be doomed. Before his Titan is destroyed, the pilot has the option to pull an eject lever. Pilots will then have to wait another few minutes before calling another one.

Chassis TypesEdit


Main article: Atlas

The Atlas was the first Titan frame to be developed, and is the first Titan with which a player starts. Somewhat of a "middle ground" between the heavily-armored Ogre and the lightly-armored Stryder, the Atlas had a balance of armor and mobility which makes it a popular choice among Pilots. It can store two Dashes, and its unique Core ability is the Damage Core, which increases the damage dealt by its weapons by 1.4 times for a brief period.


Main article: H-KA02/a Ogre

The Ogre is a Titan model developed to have high endurance, which means it has significantly stronger shielding and armor than other frames, at a cost to mobility and decreased Dash capability. Its Core ability is the Shield Core, which increases the Ogre's shield capacity and instantly restores it: its shield is effectively doubled in strength for the period it's active.


Main article: Stryder

The Stryder was the third Titan model engineered, and has greater speed and acceleration than other Titan frames. Its shielding and armor is, however, decreased greatly, putting Pilots of Stryders at greater risk during an encounter with enemy Titans of other frames. It can store three Dashes, and these charge more quickly than other Titans': when the Dash Core is active, the Titan has unlimited Dash capacity.


Main article: Titan Strategy


  • Occasionally, during a Titanfall, the animation of the Titan burning as it enters the atmosphere will glitch and remain after landing. Afterwards, the titan will appear as a giant walking blowtorch. The flames engulfing the titan is only an animation glitch and will not actually harm any pilots during rodeo attacks or allied titan rides. This is more common in Frontier Defense, probably because of the number of Titans dropped during a single battle.

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