Titans are the tanks of the game, with a few differences, while pilots are the infantry. As stated before, a titan is an extension of the pilot's body but with some limitations, such as movement. What the titan lacks, it makes up for in other areas, such as firepower and armor.

Titans are not for everyone. Some pilots prefer to fight on foot where stealth, movement, and the ability to go just about anywhere such as in buildings are key to success while other pilots prefer to fight solely in their titans, where position, firepower, and armor mean survival.

There are three titans in the game. There is a wiki page for each of them specifically that treats with each of their roles:

  • Ogre: The slowest but most heavily armored. Best for Defense and close-in slugfests.
  • Atlas: The most versatile chassis, with all-round armor and speed. Versatile in any situation but best at none.
  • Stryder: The fastest titan but with the weakest armor. Best at longer ranges and hit-and-run attacks.


  • All Titans have more armor than Pilots.
  • Titans move faster than pilots over open ground.
  • Titans carry the most powerful weapons in the game.
  • Titans provide a high vantage point for the pilot as well as any riders.
  • Titans have shields and other equipment.
  • Titans are able to carry one pilot on it's back, in addition to the driver.
  • Titans can operate on their own without a pilot driving it.
  • Titans can step on and punch enemies as well as shoot them, making titans extremely dangerous to infantry
  • During a Titanfall, Titans can crush enemies, including enemy Titans, by falling on them, resulting in an instant kill.
  • When under the Dome Shield, a Titan can block narrow alleys. This forces opponents to go around or through the shield, which deals damage. This is a handy tactic in Frontier Defense.


  • Titans cannot hide.
  • Titans cannot jump, wall-run, or climb.
  • Titans are second to none at attracting enemy fire, as they are large and are priority targets.
  • Titans can be ridden by enemy pilots, called a rodeo attack, and can be brought down by a single pilot if action is not taken.
  • Titans cannot enter most buildings, and they are confined and vulnerable to close-in attacks in the buildings they can enter.
  • Titans are more vulnerable to arc-related weapons than pilots.

Piloting Your TitanEdit

For many pilots, Titan combat is the epitome of the game. Fighting in a 25 foot mech appeals to most players, but to fight well and survive using your titan takes as much skill and tactics as playing infantry. You must remember the number one rule to titan combat: Titans can't hide! They are simply too big, too loud, and too dangerous to be stealthy. Because of this, Titan pilots must fight differently than infantry pilots. Here are the basic pointers to Titan combat:


The most overlooked useful ability for Titans, and is forgotten by most players. Titans can crouch, just like pilots. The difference is that a Titan is still highly visible, just more difficult to hit. Use crouching to avoid enemy fire for a second, and to make it much harder to hit while behind cover. It is also easier for friendly pilots to jump on for a ride while you are crouched, and crouching in front of a pilot is an invitation to ride. The drawbacks to crouching is slower movement speed and the fact that you must stand up to dash. Another good thing about the crouch is the ability to go through areas that standing titans cannot go, allowing flanking attacks from unexpected directions.


Titans cannot jump. Instead, they can quickly slide, or Dash, in any horizontal direction. There are three main uses for this: Dashing forward, to close the distance between you and your enemy, Dashing backward, to escape dangerous situations and allow flanking, and Dashing to either side, to avoid fire. One of the most useful aspects to this ability is to cross the map at high speeds. Titans are limited to how many dashes they can do at one time, although dashes recharge quickly. Each titan chassis has a different number of dashes available at one time.


Titans can unleash a devastating punch. This is the quickest way to kill a pilot who is rodeoing a friendly titan. It is also helpful for doing a lot of damage to enemy titans up close, and will actually knock enemy titans away if there is space for them to be knocked back. This can be used to knock Titans into corners, explosions, other Titans, and even off cliffs.


Titans carry lots of weapons, including ordnance. Ordnance refers to a rocket pod mounted on the Titan's shoulder. This pod can be equipped with different kinds of rockets and missiles, although only one type can be used at a time. Rockets include lock-on missiles, unguided rockets, and cluster munitions. Some are good for shooting infantry and pilots while others do damage specifically to enemy titans, turrets, and dropships. Ordnance can be used only if it is fully loaded. Once loaded, it can be fired at any time, even while using a vortex shield and while firing the main weapon. Remember that Titans inside or through Electric Smoke clouds cannot be locked.


Another move you can pull on enemy Titans is very handy in most situations. To execute an enemy Titan, you must first doom the Titan. When it is in the doomed state, you can then melee the enemy Titan. If in the doomed state, instead of punching like normal, your Titan will perform an execution that instantly kills the Titan and the Pilot inside. The Stryder will punch through the front of the enemy Titan, pull the Pilot out, and crush him/her with its hand. The Atlas will punch through like the Stryder, pull the pilot out, then throw the pilot away. The Pilot will fly until he/she hits a building, rock, etc. and will then die. The Ogre will, instead of punching, pull the enemy titan's arms off, then bash the enemy Titan with its own arm to destroy it, killing the Pilot inside. If no Pilot is present in the enemy Titan, your Titan will instead punch through the chest of the enemy Titan to destroy the AI.

NOTE: Enemy titans that have Auto-Eject cannot be executed. A Nuclear Ejecting pilot cannot be executed either!

Pilot TransportationEdit

A Titan can carry one Pilot on its back. This allows both players to benefit from the arrangement: the riding Pilot is protected by the Titan's shield and can fire his/her main weapon and throw grenades while riding, while the Titan pilot gets additional firepower for his/her Titan and the riding Pilot prevents rodeo attacks. Letting a friendly Pilot on and giving them a ride to the evacuation point during the Epilogue is a great way to protect him/her. The Pilot can also have a higher place from which to jump when the Dropship is atop a tall building, getting him closer to the evacuation.

Titan AIEdit

When not piloted, titans are operated by AI, and are called "Auto-Titans". A pilot can set one of two modes for his/her Auto-Titan: Follow Mode and Guard Mode.

Follow Mode is best used if the pilot wants the Titan nearby for protection, or in the event that he/she wishes to embark the titan later. The titan will attempt to remain close to the pilot and will try to protect the pilot. If the pilot goes into an area that is inaccessible to titans, the titan will try to remain as close to the pilot as possible.

Guard Mode is best for situations where the titan is needed for defense, such as defending a Hardpoint, or for fighting by itself. When in Guard Mode, the titan will attempt to clear the immediate area of enemies and will engage nearby enemies on sight. The titan will not leave the area it is told to guard unless put on Follow Mode or destroyed.

When rodeoed by an enemy pilot, Auto-Titans will kneel down and hold still to allow you to shoot the pilot off. Your Auto-Titan will also give you a verbal radio message informing you about the rodeo and asking for help.

Titan OS Voices and PersonalitiesEdit

If you intend to pilot your titan most of the time, then the OS Voice is mainly personal preference. But if you want the titan to fight for itself, or for the titan to defend you while you snipe, or if you simply enjoy having a dependable "buddy" to watch your back and fight alongside you, then choosing a specific OS Voice can increase the titan's effectiveness slightly.

  • BETTY: The default Female Titan OS voice. Has no advantages or disadvantages and works on all chassis with all loadouts.
  • LISA: A GPS-like female voice that, like a GPS, has advanced pathfinding when in the Follow Mode, allowing Her to traverse the map slightly better than Betty. She moves at the same speed as Betty in Follow Mode, but will move about the map while getting stuck or cornered less. Use with the Atlas or Stryder because of those chassis' speed and maneuverability. Guard Mode is the same as Betty.
  • JEEVES: An English Male voice, based off of the famous butler. Jeeves will resolutely defend against all odds when in Guard Mode, and is slightly more dangerous when in this mode compared to Betty. Combined with the Ogre chassis and using a defensive loadout will increase his defensive capabilities. Follow mode is the same as Betty.
  • SID: A deep Male voice, SID will aggressively attack nearby enemies when in Guard Mode, instead of a passive defense like Jeeves. Also like Jeeves, SID is slightly more dangerous in Guard Mode than Betty. Best used with the Ogre or Atlas chassis with any loadout, although an offensive one may be preferred. Follow Mode is the same as Betty.
  • VANESSA: A soft, personal Female voice, is designed to develop a bond with her pilot. Like Lisa, Vanessa will have increased effectiveness when in Follow Mode, but unlike Lisa, instead of Pathfinding, Vanessa will move a little more quickly, usually keeping up with her pilot. Guard Mode appears to be the same as Betty.
  • There are other versions of Betty in other languages. These other OS Voices have the same behavior as Betty, but are simply in different languages. There are the English (UK), Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, and Italian versions.

Jeeves and Vanessa are the only OS Voices that do not talk entirely in "robot voices". Their voices are still computerized, but use more humanoid vocabulary.

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