Titanfall: Free the Frontier is a fan made video based on Titanfall created by Playfight in collaboration with Respawn Entertainment, and directed by William Chang. A teaser trailer was released March 10, 2014.


Titanfall: Free the Frontier will take place in the vast expanse of the Titanfall universe. It is so far only speculated that it will display general warfare taken throughout The Frontier.


These credits are given from the teaser trailer of Titanfall: Free the Fronter. There may not be full creditors until the release of the full video.

  • Director William Chang
  • Technical Director Hoon Hwang
  • Creative Director Ryan Freer
  • Lead Compositor Steven Huynh
  • Dynamic Simulations Josh George
  • 3D Generalist Sophia Jooyeon Lee
  • Modeller/Texture Artist Justin Perreault
  • VFX Generalist Melissa Costa
  • Producer Brian Huynh
  • Production Coordinator Dongjin Na
  • Operations Manager YJ Chang
  • 2nd Unit Camera Patrick Scopick
  • Sound Design Eric Kraber


Teaser TrailerEdit

Titanfall Free the Frontier00:54

Titanfall Free the Frontier



  • Playfight created/helped on other web series and short films such as Video Game High School and Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish.

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