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The Titanfall Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack of Titanfall composed by Stephen Barton. It was released digitally on Amazon and iTunes on April 8th, 2014, and produced by Electronic Arts Music. It consists of eighteen tracks in total.

It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, England, with some specialty ethnic instrumentation recorded in Los Angeles when Barton first joined the project in early 2013.

Track ListEdit

# Name Composer(s)               Length
1 "Cosmology" Stephen Barton 1:54
2 "Welcome to the Marauder Corps" Stephen Barton 2:00
3 "Peace and Order by Force" Stephen Barton 3:33
4 "Demeter" Stephen Barton 4:18
5 "Wallrunner" Stephen Barton 2:08
6 "Here Be Dragons!" Stephen Barton 5:23
7 "When Two Sides Go to War" Stephen Barton 4:09
8 "Assault on the Sentinel" Stephen Barton 3:42
9 "Pilot? What Pilot?" Stephen Barton 4:09
10 "The Colony" Stephen Barton 4:43
11 "Unifying the Frontier" Stephen Barton 2:06
12 "The Three Towers" Stephen Barton 3:32
13 "Get Barker" Stephen Barton 2:00
14 "Vertical Flanking" Stephen Barton 4:18
15 "Made Men" Stephen Barton 4:06
16 "First to Fall" Stephen Barton 3:51
17 "MacAllan's Endgame" Stephen Barton 2:50
18 "Original Titanfall Trailer Demo" Stephen Barton 1:55

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