Titanfall Online is a Free-to-Play (F2P) port of the original Titanfall game, developed by Nexon and aimed primarily at the Asian market, such as South Korea and China. As a port of the original Titanfall, it does not feature all that much content different to the original, though there are some differences. Currently, the game is under development, and has only seen limited release in Asia. An upcoming closed beta will be run from August 24th to September 13th in South Korea.[1]

Titans Edit

Destroyer 1

Aside from the Atlas, Stryder and Ogre, Titanfall Online introduces one new Titan chassis, based on the Ogre, called the Destroyer. In terms of gameplay, Destroyer still uses the Shield Core, but is equipped with the offensive Charge Cannon that fires a beam similar to the Laser Shot. The original three have also seen redesigns, and the addition of the Tier 2 Titans.

Maps Edit

Titanfall Online has been seen to have the following maps;

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References Edit

  1. Twitter: "TITANFALL ONLINE closed beta will run from August 24th to September 13th in South Korea."

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