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The R-101C (Compact) Carbine is a Pilot anti-personnel fully automatic assault rifle that appears in Titanfall.

The R-101C Carbine is a medium range, automatic assault rifle. In the words of one of the developers, it's the "workhorse" of the game, usable in most situations that don't require an anti-titan weapon.

Although the R-101C is eclipsed in close combat by weapons such as the EVA-8 Shotgun and the R-97 Compact SMG, the weapon's predictable recoil and good rate of fire make it a competent weapon at all ranges and an excellent choice for any player. The iron sights on the R-101C are passable, but the unlockable sights may be more useful.

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  • ...that the helmet design of the Pilots were loosely inspired by the Star Wars character Boba Fett?
  • ...that the R-101C Carbine was originally named RSPN-101, a reference to Titanfall's developer Respawn Entertainment?
  • ...that on Angel City, there's a poster on a building titled "Kodai", which is a reference to fanart submissions sent to Respawn?
  • ...that the name of the fictional restaurant "Red Star Restaurant" in Angel City is a tribute to the Editor-in-Chief of Prima Games, R3D_STAR?
  • ...that on Angel City, one of the posters has a QR code on it which scans to

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