The Titanfall Wiki has a chat, or IRC, system on the wiki. As users have the freedom to chat to each other, there are still policies the user has to follow. Note that if any of the actions below are seen on chat, you will be banned from chat. Limits will follow.

Chat policiesEdit

  • When treating users on chat, all users should be treated respectively. If one harasses, disrespects or intimidates another user, that user will be subjected to a chat ban for one week. If the users continues to do it after their ban, they will be blocked for one month.
  • When using excessive profanity, you will be banned from chat for one week. If you continue to curse on chat again after the block, you will be banned from chat for one month. After a third time of repeated usage of cursing, you will be banned from chat for another month and so on.
  • If you talk, add a link to or show inappropriate pictures, such as pornography, on this wiki overall, you will be given a severe warning of three months, if done again, you will be blocked for infinite, no questions asked.
  • If you spam chat randomly with links, or words, you will be blocked from chat for one day. If done again, you will be blocked from chat for three days. Two days will keep being added to the punishment every time done until the punishment hits one year. One year is the highest block you can get for this. Spamming will never get your whole account blocked, only banned from chat. The punishment for flooding will never go above one year.

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