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Tone is a Titan class in Titanfall 2.[1]

Titanfall 2 Callsign Got Tone


Tone is a Titan class that is based on the Atlas chassis, with a focus on target-locking weapons and rockets. Her 40mm Cannon still fires semi-automatic explosive shots, but has been upgraded to acquire partial locks on hostile Titans. Her abilities include Tracker Rockets, which fires rockets at fully locked enemies, Sonar Lock, which reveals enemies in an area and establishes partial lock, and Particle Wall, which places a transparent wall in front of Tone that she can shoot through. Her core ability, Salvo Core, fires a heavy barrage of guided rockets, and will gradually orient toward any target Tone looks at. Targets with a partial lock cannot be fired upon with the guided rockets - a full, 3-ring-segment lock must be achieved for offhand weapons to fire.


Field Notes Edit

  • Tone is arguably the most used Titan in Titanfall 2 due to her effectiveness in medium to long range combat.
  • The locking system makes aiming fairly easy, allowing fairly high and consistent damage output.
  • Is the only Titan with the ability to spam its explosive ordinance as tracker rockets do not require a charge time like other ordinance.
  • When using Salvo Core, lock onto enemy Titans before activating the core. This will prevent enemies from dodging the mass payload of missiles even of they manage to turn a corner to avoid getting hit.
  • It is best not to get close to Titans designed for close range combat like Ronin or Legion as Tone is designed to take out enemies from a distance. While Tone could do considerable damage at close range using her weaponry and core, this most often results in Tones destruction as some Titans were designed to inflict massive amounts of damage faster at close range.

Cons Edit

  • Tone is slightly "squishy" (can't take much damage) and you'll have to use Particle Wall very strategically.


Tone has 10,000 health just like Ion and the Ogre from Titanfall 1

As of December 2016, the Tone is the most popular Titan within the game.[2]

Tone has 1 dash by default just like Ion, Unless you use the Turbo Engine kit.

Tone's Tracker Rockets and Salvo Core tend to uselessly hit obstacles if the target moves behind cover, firing the weapons upwards will allow them to gain altitude before homing in on their target, hopefully clearing any obstacles in the way.

Not all of Tone's Salvo Core rockets may hit their target before it is destroyed, and the leftover missiles can be directed towards other targets, like an ejecting pilot.

During the campaign mission into the abyss before you encounter Ash, you'll encounter a male Tone instead of the usual female tone defending the evacuation point for a squad of Grunts from Prowlers





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