"Top Gun - C.A.R. SMG" is a Pilot Anti-Personnel Weapon Challenge for the C.A.R. SMG in Titanfall.

This challenge has 5 tiers. After completion of each tier you receive a reward.

Tier 1 - Kill 5 Pilot(s) with the C.A.R. SMG (Reward: 500XP).

Tier 2 - Kill 15 Pilot(s) with the C.A.R. SMG (Reward: Counterweight).

Tier 3 - Kill 30 Pilot(s) with the C.A.R. SMG (Reward: 2500XP & AMPED_C.A.R.  Burn Card).

Tier 4 - Kill 50 Pilot(s) with the C.A.R. SMG (Reward: 5000XP & AMPED_C.A.R.  Burn Card).

Tier 5 - Kill 75 Pilot(s) with the C.A.R. SMG (Reward: 10000XP & AMPED_C.A.R.  Burn Card).

You must complete Tier 5 of this challenge as part of the Regeneration requirements for Generation 9.

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