Tracking Rockets are the Titan offensive ability utilised by Tone. They take the form of five missiles fired once a full lock has been established on an enemy Titan, Dropship or Reaper, via Tone's 40mm Tracker Cannon and Sonar Lock. These rockets will automatically home onto locked targets, however the enemy can evade them by getting behind cover, as the rockets cannot navigate walls and corners. These do quite a bit of damage, as this is the Tone's main way of dealing damage.

The Rocket Barrage kit will add two additional missiles to the salvo, increasing damage output.

Strategies Edit

  • If an opponent with a lock ducks behind a short wall, you can shoot the rockets up to fly in over the enemy's cover.
  • Wait until an enemy has depleted their shields before firing, as they can be absorbed or even reflected back at you.

Trivia Edit

  • Firing the rockets when two or more enemies will fire a full complement of rockets in one button press. At their most extreme, this could make the player unable to fire do anything else for several seconds as the Titan has to fire dozens of missiles.

Gallery Edit