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Mp training ground widescreen
IMC Pilot training programs conducted here have a 98 percent fatality rate. Only the strong survive.
— In-game description

Training Ground is a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall.

Description Edit

It features an IMC training facility with a large warehouse in the center of the map. Both sides of the map include two Heavy Turrets.

IMC Pilot training programs conducted at training facility “Whitehead” have a 98 percent fatality rate, hence the base’s mantra: “Only the strong survive.” Titans with ranged weapons dominate the man-made landscape, dodging behind the modular buildings that dot the training area in order to avoid enemy fire, before dashing back out to deliver precision blows to their opponents with Titan Railguns and 40mm Cannons. Pilots can avoid the outdoor carnage by moving through the basements and catwalks of the central building, while snipers can find ways to get to its rooftop for a tactically advantageous view.

This is one of the few maps in Titanfall that are symmetrical.

Quad Rockets can be seen on the map but cannot be picked up.


Training Ground Map

Map overview Edit


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