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Only the strong survive.
— The base's mantra

Training Ground Whitehead is an Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation training facility hidden in the mountains and desert wastes on the planet Gridiron.[1][2] It is responsible for training many of the IMC's Pilots, of which less than 2% will make it through the IMC's rigorous mandate.[3][4] The training conducted here is so succesful that a simulated version has been incorporated into the Hammond Industries Pilot Combat Certification Simulator.[5] Additionally, the base is used to test new technologies and Titan designs.[1]

The base is protected by a 400 mile no-fly zone[1] and a series of Repulsor Towers to protect against Wildlife attacks. Internally, the base stocks garages with Paladin Tanks, Titans, Medium Turrets and Heavy Turrets.

The abandoned IMC reservoir-turned Militia base known as Rise is less than 100 miles from this facility[6].

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