The Upgrade Core is the Titan Core Ability for the Monarch Titan. It allows the user to upgrade their abilities and defences as they go along.

Operation Edit

Upgrade Core does not work along the lines of the other core abilities available in Titanfall 2. Instead of dealing direct damage to enemy Titans, the Core instead recharges Monarch's shields and upgrades Monarch's abilities - this is done through three tiers; with each subsequent activation of the Core, Monarch will progress a Tier from Tier 1 (First usage) to Tier 3 (Third usage). In selecting Kits, the user will be given three additional options to coincide with each level of the Core alongside the basic Kit 1, Kit 2 and Titanfall Kit. These kits are listed below;

Core Upgrade 1 Edit

Image Name Description
Arc Rounds
"XO-16 rounds deal more damage to Shields and drain energy from Vortex and Thermal Shields. Increases ammo capacity."
Missile Racks
"Rocket Salvo fires twice the amount of missiles."
Energy Transfer
"Hitting friendly Titans with Energy Siphon gives them shield."

Core Upgrade 2 Edit

Image Name Description
Rearm and reload
Rearm and Reload
"Faster Reload and Rearm speeds."
"Electric Smoke is intensified, dealing more damage to Titans and Pilots."
Energy Field
"Energy Siphon affects a large area around the point of impact."

Core Upgrade 3 Edit

Image Name Description
Multi-Target Missile System
"Hold Rocket Salvo to lock onto heavily armored targets. Missiles deal more damage."
Superior Chassis
"Upgrades Monarch's max Health and removes weak point vulnerabilities."
XO-16 Accelerator
"Installs the Accelerator mod for the XO-16, increasing its max fire rate and damage."

Notes Edit

  • With Multi-Target Missile System installed, you must hold the ordnance button to acquire locks; tapping it will still just fire the regular unguided missiles.
  • Rearm and Reload does not reduce Rearm's cooldown, only speed up the actual animation of rearming.