• I live in England
  • My occupation is Studying 3D Art and Animation
  • BaconShelf

    Hopefully, this should act as a good index/ source for Titanfall-related imagery and concept art - useful for obtaining pretty wallpapers or renders, written down for future reference. The Respawn Entertainment Art Blast contains many of the Artstation links.

    • Jung Park - Lead concept artist (Artstation)
    • Tu Bui - Concept artist at Respawn. (Artstation• DeviantArt)
    • Danny Gardner - Concept artist (Artstation• Website)
    • Hethe Srodawa - Concept artist (Artstation)
    • Cliff Childs - Concept artist (Artstation)
    • Steve Burg (Artstation)
    • Scribble Pad Studios (Artstation • Website)
    • James Paick (Artist at Scribble Pad) (Artstation)

    • Regie Santiago (Artstation)

    • Jason McCord (Website)
    • Jeremy Thurman (Artstation)
    • Lewis Walden (Artstation)
    • Jose Zavala (Artstation)
    • Kristen Altamirano (Ar…

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