Hopefully, this should act as a good index/ source for Titanfall-related imagery and concept art - useful for obtaining pretty wallpapers or renders, written down for future reference. The Respawn Entertainment Art Blast contains many of the Artstation links.

Concept Artists

Character Artists

Environment Artists

3D Artists

Matte Painting Artists

Other useful links

  • David Shaver - Designer with some useful renders and screens of campaign maps (Website)
  • Gnomon Gallery - The Art of Titanfall
  • Sungho Lee - 3D artist responsible for several of the models found in Titanfall: Assault (Website)
  • SPOV - Animation studio contracted to make the opening cinematic for Titanfall and the "Meet the Titans" trailers for Titanfall 2 - their website has a lot of nice stills. (TitanfallTitanfall 2)

I'll update this list as I find more links to add, due to my own interest in concept art and 3D art.

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