Hello Titanfall wiki viewers, editors and users,

As you all may know, the Titanfall wiki community is currently small, and maintained by a couple of users and an admin team.

In this blog post, I am hoping to propose an idea that could happen to the wiki in the near future, and discuss it in the blog comments.

User of the Month/Week/Year:

In this idea, I'm hoping to add a page called User of the Month/Week/Year (I added Month/Week/Year for which people prefer to call it, which we will vote on). This is a award for users that have done a large amount of work on the wiki, such as contributing multiple images, doing a large amount of useful edits or expanding pages with unbiased, detailed information. Their name could be desplayed on the Titanfall Wiki main page, and they would recieve an award on the talk page. To select the nominee for this award, someone would have to nominate them and other users would vote for this nominee. If there are multiple nominees then the one with the most votes is the featured user.

As you may know, I usually edit at larger wikis, so this is a feature on most big wikis.

- Capt. Miller

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