This is only a theory and my first time writing one of my crazy theories so please take this in with an open mind <3

Here is my theory as to why the pilots are so strong and a logical explanation as to why… Nano machines son, now I might sound like a metal gear villain right now but hear me out some people might not even know what I’m talking about when I say strong, I don’t mean can do a hundred push ups strong. I mean man handling a 6ft tall hunk of high tech robot impaling it on a steel piece of rebar and kicking it once so hard it breaks, I mean punching a robot in the face and breaking it then taking its gun like a bad ass. I mean jumping about 3 metres in the air without the jump kit firing, i mean taking a 10mm to the face and then kicking you in the face so hard your head falls off, that’s what I mean. Though out the advertisement of titan fall in the way of commercials and trailers you see a pilot do very amazing things all of the above is seen in trailers for the first and second game pilots laying waste to spectres in hand to hand combat but in the game you can come across spectres brutalising grunts from this logic pilots are either enhanced people or all batman… I’m going to go with the first one, now why Nano machines you ask? Good question reader. Well in titan fall one the pilots body’s where completely covered so I didn’t think too much about it they could have cybernetics or a thin skin tight suit made of carbon Nano tubes which acted as another layer of muscle. Simple right but then there’s McAllen who I can only assume is a pilot and Blisk who is confirmed to be a pilot (yes I know that anyone can pilot a titan but I will get to that) and once I saw that jack cooper will have his forearms exposed that theory of the carbon Nano tube power suit went out the window, so I was playing titan fall one night when the first deus ex came to my mind, the one where you play as J.c Denton a man that was made a super solider because of nano machines then I came to me the pilots have nano machines in them, but I also came to the conclusion that the grunts are enhanced by nano machines. now here is my theory I was always upset that none of the humans of the field had some kind of enhancement mainly in the form of a cheap mass produced exo skeleton such as you see in call of duty advanced warfare and other games or movies with the same kind of compact robotic frame that enhances there physical capability’s in a game that far in the future with war robots on the field it would almost seem cruel not to give them some help so then I had that eureka moment about deus ex. I concluded that the grunts have a self-replicating Nano machines injected to every solider when they sign up to the army or mercenary or even could buy this cocktail of bots that are cheap and are capable of bonding with any persons dna fusing with cells in the persons skin, bones and muscles making them stronger than a exoskeleton and is cheaper but not as strong of a spectre which is a hominoid box of death, then there is the pilots which use a super expensive type of Nano machines that is a lengthy possess to make and is bonded to that persons exact dna so it can bond and even completely replace cells in a pilots body making their skin bullet proof strong enough to lift steel beams with ease and run super-duper fast, but here is another thing that the (pilot serum) does is it replaces some cells in there brain pretty much giving them a small computer in there brain that is capable of linking to a…wait for it…….. titan. Now im pretty sure any ordinary can control a titan with a neural interface and have movement and the things that the titan is feeling simulated with sub and ultra-sonic emitters’ in the cock pit but with the pilot not only does the titan connect to the person the person connects to the titan feeling exactly what the titan is feeling giving them a unparalleled advantage against anyone else in titan combat where people driving a titan takes a lot of practice and mental power to use a titan to a acceptable level but with a pilot is legitimately a extension of their body . Where picking up a person in a titan for a normal person would be almost be impossible but for a pilot it would be like picking up a toy with their normal hand. and I hope that this is cannon in titanfall 2

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