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    Hello Pilots!

    Now that we've all had a while to play around with Titanfall and get familiar with its weapons, gear, and most importantly, its Titans, we're asking the community to vote on their favorites!

    Check out the categories below and vote for your faves. We'll let the polls run for a week and then calculate the winners. We'll announce the winners the week after that!

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  • Pseudobread

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Jorge and I will be streaming Titanfall today, February, 14th from 3:00-4:00pm PST on the Wikia Live Ustream. Both of us are pretty mediocre when it comes to shooters, but we like what we've played so far -- if you can provide some pointers for us during the stream in the chat, it would be much appreciated!

    We're also giving away a few codes for the Xbox One version of the beta, tune in and follow us on Ustream to be elligble to win!

    And make sure to add Pseudo Bread on Xbox Live if you'd like to play with us.

    See you there!

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