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Hello Pilots!

Now that we've all had a while to play around with Titanfall and get familiar with its weapons, gear, and most importantly, its Titans, we're asking the community to vote on their favorites!

Check out the categories below and vote for your faves. We'll let the polls run for a week and then calculate the winners. We'll announce the winners the week after that!

Favorite Pilot Primary Weapon

TF AwardFrame PilotWeapon
Pilot Primary Weapon

Favorite Character

TF AwardFrame Character

Favorite Sidearm

TF AwardFrame Sidearm

Favorite Anti-Titan Weapon

TF AwardFrame AntiTitan
Anti-titan weapon

Favorite Pilot Ordnance

TF AwardFrame PilotOrdnance
Pilot ordinance

Favorite Titan Ordnance

TF AwardFrame TitanOrdnance
Titan Ordinance

Favorite Titan Chassis

TF AwardFrame TitanChassis
Titan Chassis

Favorite Titan Weapon

TF AwardFrame TitanWeapon
Titan Weapon

Favorite Tactical Ability

TF AwardFrame TacticalAbility
Tactical Ability

Favorite Burn Card

TF AwardFrame BurnCard
Burn Card

Favorite Map

TF AwardFrame Map

Favorite Game Mode

TF AwardFrame Mode
Game Mode

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