The Vanguard class Titan is the most versatile Titan on the field in the current Titanfall universe, naturally boasts a regenerating body shield, and is able to equip just about every loadout with out the need for important modifications, the mighty Vanguard Titan is also rare to see, only given to the "best" pilots within the Militia.

This titan should be included in multiplayer for high end Pilots aka; "best pilots".

heres my concept of it

The Vanguard is unlocked at gen 02 no credit buys either, the Vanguard has a regenrating Body shield and a XO16-Chaingun and the generic Acolyte pods, the Vanguard should have one Dash and the generic Vortex shield, unlike all other titans the Vanguard exeeds in versatility, the overall generic loadout of the Vanguard "Expedition" is EXTREMELY versatile combined with the regenerating body shield, however it shares the same Titan type as Ion, Tone and Atlas thus it isnt the best at specifically one thing, like ronin is at speed or legion in terms of health and damage.

Vanguard without the Body shield would be quite a petty Titan, easily outperformed, thats why the Body shield makes it special.

The core remains the same, Burst core fires a charged stream of bullets from the XO Chaingun.

sounds balanced to me! .

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