• SpartanPro1

    A while back, I had decided to create a fan fiction wiki, for creative stories, characters, etc.  It's been there since December of 2013, and though I have fixed some things, there is work that still needs to be done. Want to write and post some creatice fanfics for Titanfall?  Want to show off your imagination?  

    Well the Titanfall Fannon may be the place to be to post them!

    There are currently no contributers.

    I had contacted the Community Central to help me change "Titanfall-Fan-Fiction.wikia" to "Titanfall-fannon.wikia"

    Not that long ago, I had decided to change the complicated .CSS coding for the wiki, and though it looks nice now, I am still working on it.  Feel free to drop by and check it out:…

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