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    Titan Ideas!

    May 6, 2015 by The Compactor

    So, I want to make a Titan ideas blog, As i saw another person do it. (spread da word)

    So my first idea is Hacking titans. If you kill a pilot whith it's titan still alive, You can hack it. Over 15 seconds. (Titans a huge) The ice pick is a 5 second. The enemy cannot stop you from doing this unless they kill you, Or the pilot shoots you with 3 bullets. Or 15 with a Rapid Fire. 1 With a shotgun. You cannot embark these hacked titans, It will only show "Call Original Titan" You need paitence, And skill to do this. If you hack while they are alive, (They do not disembark and you dont kill them for the first time) It will take 45. So try to get them out and KILL THEM! It does not slow down again if they respawn. Hacked titans also respond slowe…

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