So, I want to make a Titan ideas blog, As i saw another person do it. (spread da word)

So my first idea is Hacking titans. If you kill a pilot whith it's titan still alive, You can hack it. Over 15 seconds. (Titans a huge) The ice pick is a 5 second. The enemy cannot stop you from doing this unless they kill you, Or the pilot shoots you with 3 bullets. Or 15 with a Rapid Fire. 1 With a shotgun. You cannot embark these hacked titans, It will only show "Call Original Titan" You need paitence, And skill to do this. If you hack while they are alive, (They do not disembark and you dont kill them for the first time) It will take 45. So try to get them out and KILL THEM! It does not slow down again if they respawn. Hacked titans also respond slower, Move slower, And are always on a enemy's radar, Even if it is disabled. Wifi hacks are not complex enough, But still slowly assist with hacking, You must kill the pilot first or the assistant hack will NOT Work. NPC's can do this too. But only Spectres on Frontier defence. They usually just try to destroy the titan, If you disembark, Then it will try to kill you and take the titan for it's own. Hacked titans also have 3/4 Shield power. Slightly weaker. But not too much! Enemys can do it to you too. So dont say it's too OP. They can kill you too, They can take your titan too. Also they can hack their titans back in 10 seconds, 2 With the ice pick. But they DO Have to kill you first. Or it will jump to 30 seconds, And 10 with the ice pick. Also they follow your preference. So if you press guard they will go to your titan Or your last location. They can be targeted to a certain titan, Or player to swarm them. They will take 3 seconds to register this command, And apptempt to flank it. Weapon damage is NOT AFFECTED! If you have ideas, Please post them :)

EDIT: I did not expect for people to think about wifi hacks, But they still would not work. I was not thinking about the wifi hack, But at the time i was thinking "Physycal hacks only" So, It is now in there.

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