The Vanguard-Class is a Titan in Titanfall 2, the first Titan design to be produced entirely by the Frontier Militia. This chassis is the player's titan in the campaign - notably BT-7274.

Initially, these Titans were only available to SRS Pilots; however, a reverse-engineered, IMC-produced Vanguard variant known as the Monarch is available for use by independant contractors and non-SRS pilots.

History Edit

The Vanguard-class Titan is the Milita's first self-made titan chassis. But as they are SRS only ace-custom chassis, the Milita still rely on their ability to steal cheaper Hammond Titans from the production lines to maintain their Titan fleet for regular Pilots (The MCOR use many Ion and Tone chassis, for example). The class was designed for armed reconnaissance behind enemy lines, and is equipped with a variety of tools to enhance longevity and flexibility in the field.

Tai Lastimosa is known to have been involved in the development and testing of the chassis.

After the Battle of Typhon, the wreckage of two Vanguard units fell into the hands of the IMC. These units were initially handed over to Vinson Dynamics for examination and reverse-engineering, but this feat proved impossible for the Vinson scientists. Consequently, captured Vanguards were upgraded into Monarch-Class Titans, and shipments inbound for the front lines were soon captured and sold on the Black Market. As such, the Militia, IMC and Mercenary pilots all have access to some form of Vanguard or another.


The Vanguard has a number of features that are different than other Post-Demeter Titan designs, bearing more resemblance to older chassis designs (in terms of function) such as the Atlas. Vanguards use three Batteries, located underneath and just behind the Titan's left arm - which is both a blessing and a curse. although less vulnerable to Rodeo attacks from pilots, any Titan that manages to get right behind a Vanguard-class Titan can rip out its batteries and successfully neutralize it. The Vanguard can also utilize other Titan loadouts, even Core Abilities, with very little modification, making them extremely flexible in terms of what they can carry into battle.

Titanfall 2 Callsign Goliath

Vanguard Titans are shown to be very intelligent, capable of making on-the-fly ballistic calculations, and can even throw a Pilot for long distances with good accuracy.

Furthermore, much like Titans from the original game, Vanguard Class Titans sport regenerating body shields. Vanguards are much more mobile than second generation Titans (Almost as well armoured as a Legion, with the dash capacity of a Ronin but also very, very expensive compared to cheap G2 titans)

Disadvantages Edit

These rare Titans are only given to the best of the Militia's pilots, exclusively available for those members of the Special Recon Squadron - likely due to a high material cost or perhaps expertise required for its production.

As the Vanguard has no set loadout, its weaknesses depend upon the weapons it has equipped.

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