Vinson Dynamics is a weapon and Titan manufacturer. Though their motivations remain unknown, they rebuilt Ash and put her in charge of battling the IMC on their behalf. They are a multiplayer faction in Titanfall 2.

Known Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • They created the Cold War grenadier weapon.
  • Ronin has a Vinson Dynamics Nose Art, suggesting he is a product of Vinson Dynamics or that they were involved with his development.
  • They created Scorch's Thermite Launcher.
  • Concept art also shows Vinson Dynamics having created several suppressors.
  • Vinson Dynamics were also the contractors responsible for the creation of Monarch, a reverse-engineered Vanguard-Class Titan.
  • Vinson Dynamics, like many aspects of the Titanfall universe, was named after an employee of Respawn Entertainment, Rayme Vinson.

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