Wall-Hanging is a move for Pilots in Titanfall. It allows player Pilots to hang onto walls, allowing one to stay stationary on a wall for a small period of time. It is performed by either jumping against a wall and pressing the ADS keybind(LT on Xbox) while Wall Running. When you Wall Hang you will stab your Data Knife into the wall with your left hand, and you will hold your gun in your right hand, and your jump pack assisting you in staying up. Because your jump pack is helping you wall hang, your jump exhaust can be seen while you're cloaked. While Wall Hanging you can hip fire your weapon, but can not ADS, so the Archer Heavy Rocket cannot be used while Wall Hanging. After Wall Hanging for some time you will begin to slide down before falling off. You can Wall Hang for 11 seconds before falling off, or for 22 seconds while using the Enhanced Parkour Kit.

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