If it can exist in a DARPA video, it can work in Titanfall.
— Ryan Lastimosa, lead weapon artist at Respawn
In the Titanfall universe, the various combatants employ a massive array of weaponry in various forms and functions. The majority of these weapons are manufactured by arms companies such as Lastimosa Armory, Wonyeon Defense, Emslie Tactical and Vinson Dynamics.

Weaponry can be classified by many varying factors; role, user(s), operation, manufacturer and faction can all play a big part.

Infantry Weapons Edit

As the name suggests, infantry weapons are weapons intended to be used by infantry, be they Grunt, Pilot, Spectre or Stalker. Several sub-categories can be devised as shown below.

Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles and Carbines Edit

Icon Name Manufacturer Type

R-101C Carbine Lastimosa Armory Carbine

R-201 Assault Rifle Lastimosa Armory Assault Rifle

G2A4 Battle Rifle Lastimosa Armory Battle Rifle

G2A5 Battle Rifle Lastimosa Armory Battle Rifle

M1A3 Hemlok BF-R Wonyeon Defense Assault Rifle

V-47 Flatline Wonyeon Defense Assault Rifle

Submachine Guns (SMGs) and Personal Defense Weapons (PDWs) Edit

Icon Name Manufacturer Type

R-97 SMG Lastimosa Armory SMG

Alternator Emslie Tactical SMG

C.A.R. SMG Unknown SMG

Volt Unknown Energy SMG

Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) Edit

Icon Name Manufacturer Type

D-101 Longbow DMR Lastimosa Armory Designated Marksman Rifle

Kraber AP-Sniper Lastimosa Armory Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle

D-2 Double Take Burrell Defense Energy Sniper Rifle

Light Machine Guns (LMGs) Edit

Icon Name Manufacturer Type

Spitfire LMG Unknown Light Machine Gun

L-STAR Lastimosa Armory Energy Light Machine Gun

X-55 Devotion Unknown Light Machine Gun

Shotguns Edit

Icon Name Manufacturer Type

EVA-8 Shotgun Wonyeon Defense Automatic Shotgun

Mastiff Lastimosa Armory Laser Shotgun

Grenade Launchers and Anti-Titan WeaponsEdit

Icon Name Manufacturer Type

Sidewinder Wonyeon Defense Anti-Titan Automatic Rocket Launcher (AT-ARL)

Charge Rifle Wonyeon Defense Laser

Mag Launcher Unknown Grenade Launcher

LG-97 Thunderbolt Unknown Arc Launcher

Archer Heavy Rocket Brockhaurd Manufacturing Lock-on Rocket Launcher

EM-4 Cold War Vinson Dynamics Plasma Launcher

EPG-1 Wonyeon Defense Plasma Launcher

R-6P Softball AAGL Brockhaurd Manufacturing Grenade Launcher

Sidearms Edit

Icon Name Manufacturer Type

Hammond P2011 Lastimosa Armory Semi-automatic Handgun

Hammond P2016 Lastimosa Armory Semi-automatic Handgun

RE-45 Autopistol Lastimosa Armory Automatic Pistol

B3 Wingman Unknown Heavy Revolver

B3 Wingman Elite Unknown Heavy Revolver

SA-3 Mozambique Altamirano Armory Laser Shotgun Pistol

Ordnance, Explosives and Grenades Edit

Icon Name Manufacturer Type

Frag Grenade Unknown Fragmentation Grenade

Arc Grenade Unknown Arc Explosive Grenade

Arc Mine Wonyeon Defense Arc motion-trigger Mine

Satchel Charge Unknown Remote-detonated Explosive

Electric Smoke Grenade Unknown Infantry-portable Electric Smoke Grenade

Firestar Unknown Incendiary Throwing Star

Gravity Star Unknown Gravity-altering Throwing Star

Titan Weapons Edit

Titan Weapons are the weapons employed by the massive Titans. They can come in one of three broad classifications; Primary, Ordnance and Core.

Primary Weapons Edit

Icon Name Manufacturer Type

XOTBR-16 Chaingun Brockhaurd Manufacturing Automatic Chaingun

XO16A2 Chaingun Brockhaurd Manufacturing Automatic Chaingun

40mm Cannon Brockhaurd Manufacturing High-Explosive Cannon

400 Tracker Cannon Brockhaurd Manufacturing High-Explosive Cannon

Predator Cannon Lastimosa Armory Automatic Chaingun

T-203 Thermite Launcher Vinson Dynamics Incendiary Grenade Launcher

Splitter Rifle Brockhaurd Manufacturing Automatic Laser Rifle

Triple Threat Unknown High-Explosive Grenade Launcher

Leadwall Unknown Shotgun

Broadsword Burrel Defense Titan Sword

Plasma Railgun Wonyeon Defense Railgun

Quad Rocket Brockhaurd Manufacturing Rocket Launcher

Rotary Cannon Unknown Automatic Chaingun

Ordnance and TacticalsEdit

Icon Name Type

Cluster Missile Missile

Multi-Target Missile System Missile

Rocket Salvo Missile

Tracking Rockets Missile

Slaved Warheads Missile

Laser Shot Laser

Arc Wave Arc Energy Blast

Power Shot Predator Cannon burst-fire

Firewall Incendiary Blast

Heat Shield Close-range Flamethrower

Electric Smoke Smokescreen capable of damaging enemies

Charge Cannon Laser

Laser Tripwire Laser-based Tripwire Explosive

Cluster Missile Missile

Cores Edit

Some Core Abilities offer passive or defensive bonuses to their Titan, while others are direct attacks. The Laser Core, Flame Core, Salvo Core and Flight Core are all direct attacks, while the Smart Core, Upgrade Core, Damage Core and Sword Core all enhance or upgrade the outgoing damage of the parent Titan's weaponry in some wa.

External Links Edit

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